Supporting factors Old Students Passed

To achieve a degree, students will be faced with their obligation to make the final thesis. Not infrequently, thesis-making process requires extra time for students to complete it until they have to be willing to bide graduation.

“Writing a thesis so most inhibiting factor towards graduation,” said the Rector of the State University of Semarang (Unnes), Prof. Fathur Rohman when contacted Okezone, recently.

Fathur explained, obstacles while writing a thesis can be derived from the students and the counseling process conducted with the lecturer. Occasionally, students should be confronted with the professors busy so difficult to find for guidance.

“If the professor was busy, so could not guide the students,” he added.

According Fathur, thesis should no longer be a reason for late students graduated. Moreover, the guidance of the lecturers not only be done face to face.

“Students and faculty can conduct thesis guidance online, so do not have to meet,” he added.

Men born in Banyumas, December 10, 1966 was admitted, college students are also forced to tolerate a late pass. However, the college still provides motivation for the students it could soon finish their studies.

“Judging by the first reason why he’s long passed. If it is necessary, given the special guidance. The campus usually provides motivation and not to complicate the students so that they can quickly pass as well,” he said. (AFR)

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