How Unnes Handle Late Pass Student

Who does not know the term eternal student? You know, a college student in a very long time so late pass when compared friend of his generation.

Well, this eternal student can certainly exist in every campus. Its existence is difficult to avoid even the manager universities expect their students to graduate on time, even faster than the time specified. However, due to various factors, sometimes a student must achieve a degree with a process that is not easy.

Rector of State University of Semarang (Unnes), Prof Fathur Rohman said, there are special tricks that he did so that students can immediately degree.

“Generally it’s students graduate S-1, eight semester. But if there are students who are still studying in the top half of the eight, we bring them together with lecturers supervising the thesis,” said Fathur, when contacted Okezone, recently.

The purpose of the meeting to discuss the difficulties that faced by the students. If necessary parents also were invited to the campus.

“So we can motivate students as well so that they could pass and finish their thesis well,” he added.

Fathur reminded, now its time students competed. So quickly graduated from college, they too could soon be part of the competition and achieve a better life in the future.

“So students can be useful for parents, state and nation,” he added. (AFR)

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