Here’s How Lecturer Teaching Millennial Generation

Educating students in the past differ from those in the present. The times and technology to be one cause. Currently, the students are the millennial generation. While educators are the generation X. The Gap often make the disjointed process of learning in the classroom.

Observers education, Ina Liem said, in the learning process in college, there are two things you have to adjust to each other. First, the students and the second is on the needs of industry.

“Generation millennial it do something as you wish. If you do not like, they do not want to implement, therefore in the world of work when it does not fit their chosen resign. Likewise, if in class. If they do not like or too many theories ultimately lazy,” he said in a talk show titled Internationalization & Industry Oriented Higher Education System at the Pullman Hotel, Jakarta, recently.

Therefore, a woman who also serves as CEO explained that educators or faculty should be able to adjust the nature of students. According to him, today’s students can not be forced to obey all directions. The lecturers have to find a way to make students happy with what is being taught.

“Second is the need of the industry. The 21st century is different from the past. Industry HR would need to innovate so important to foster the creativity of students,” he said.

Some companies, he added, has been implementing educational analysis. Because, according to one study, there was a certain point when a person has a high GPA, in fact there is a large gap with the ability in the world of work.

“This is causing companies sometimes do not call the graduates who have a high GPA. They not only look at the academic standing,” he said.

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